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Deep in the jungles of the Amazon, a prophecy was delivered as a psychedelic vision during Ayahuasca. This vision was to create a tribe dedicated to protecting the Earth's rainforests, expanding human consciousness and reconnecting the human spirit to nature. After a series of psychedelic events that ensued, Tropical Tundra was born. 'Tundra' symbolizes the dormant human spirit and 'Tropical' represents the awakening and reconnection to nature.


Connor Griggs founded Tropical Tundra in 2018 after a psychedelic spiritual awakening in the Amazon Rainforests. During this experience, he heard a metaphysical plea for help coming from the spirit of the jungle. Over the course of 3 days of physical purging, emotional agony and divine downloads, a task was made clear. Connor was to use his creative talents to build a community that protects the life force of the rainforests. Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Connor coined 'Tropical Tundra' at Coachella the day Avicci died. Walking into the music festival, intense rays of light reflected off the design of a t-shirt that showed reddish orange glows of a sunset morphing into glacier blue palm trees. As the brilliant light entered his retinas, the idea for 'Tropical Tundra' came to him like a bolt of lightning. This was the moment he knew he would launch a psychedelic clothing brand dedicated to protecting and preserving the Earth's rainforests. Connor is a Digital Nomad out of Bali, Indonesia, regulatory affairs consultant for the medical device industry, and nature lover with a strong sense of adventure. His vision for Tropical Tundra is to expand the supply chain to Indonesia for more custom and diverse lines of clothing, hats, footwear, sunglasses, bags and jewelry. Throughout 2022, Connor will be focused on sales and marketing while launching a line of 10,000 psychedelic pineapple penguin NFTs. To date, 3,000 acres of rainforest have been protected thanks to loyal customers, friends and family that believe in the company mission. He's passionate about self-improvement, medical technology, plant medicines, meditation, psychedelic art, tattoos, CrossFit and is completely obsessed with his Bali dog Lulu, who's favorite food is ice cream.


Tropical Tundra specializes in designing mind-bending hallucinations of our natural world in vibrant hues and psychedelic pigments. Handcrafted with love for the Electric Soul, we believe that it's the feather that makes the bird. State-of-the-art printing techniques empower us with the ability to create a brand that unveils the wild beauty of our dimension in ways never worn before.

Psychedelics, such as ayahuasca, magic mushrooms, and DMT, have influenced various cultures and traditions since ancient history. They've played a major role in dance, art, music and fashion from one generation to another. Not only can psychedelics induce mind-altering effects, history has shown that they can also stir a counterculture movement and change art and fashion trends even amongst the world's most conservative people.
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To bring us back to a place of awe and inspiration for protecting the Earth's rainforests, here are 10 amazing facts that remind us of how extraordinary these ecosystems are.
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“Jaguar”. When you think of this animal, the presence of a magnificent predator likely comes to mind. One with large fangs, claws and spotted fur that hunts in the depths of the jungles. These incredible hunters are intrinsically complex and have a long history as colorful as their coat. That is why we have chosen the Jaguar as the first animal to sponsor in Tropical Tundra’s “Animal Spotlight”.
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